12 Restaurants You Need to Try in Mexico City


Your sign to visit Mexico City, Mexico

This is your sign to take a foodie trip to Mexico City and 12 restaurants you need to try while you’re there! Mexico City is a huge place but luckily you never have to go too far to find something delicious.

Every block you turn, there is at least one restaurant or street vendor luring you in with the smells of what they’re cooking and free samples too if you’re lucky! Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining or street food, Mexico City has it all!

Los Cocuyos

Calle de Bolívar 57 | Instagram

Mexican street tacos from Los Cocuyos

When you walk up to Los Cocuyos, you’re greeted by a cauldron of bubbling meats. They have a variety of cuts to choose from but you can’t go wrong with any taco you order and it’ll only set you back about $1 per taco!

El Vilsito

Av. Universidad 248 | Instagram

al pastor tacos from El Vilsito

El Vilsito is an auto shop by day and taco stand by night. They were featured in Netflix’s Taco Chronicles and definitely didn’t disappoint. You can’t go here without ordering a plateful of al pastor tacos ($1/taco)!

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Tennyson 133 | pujol.com.mx

sea bass ceviche at Pujol in Mexico City

Pujol has been ranked one of the best restaurants in the world so a trip to Mexico City would not be complete without a visit here.

They only offer a Tasting Menu or Taco Omakase that will set you back about $150 per person. Their signature dish is the Mole but my favorite was the Sea Bass Ceviche.


Calle de Durango 200 | contramar.com.mx

Red and Green Grilled Snapper at Contramar in Mexico City

Contramar is a seafood restaurant that came highly recommended! We ordered everything our waiter suggested and loved it all – al pastor fish tacos, ceviche, tuna tostada, and definitely don’t skip on their signature dish: the red and green grilled snapper!

Churrería el Moro

multiple locations | elmoro.mx

churros and chocolate at Churrería el Moro in Mexico City

Churrería el Moro has been around since 1935 and while they have many locations now, I’d say the original in Centro Histórico is the most charming.

Their churros are light and crisp. Order the churros + chocolate combo and add a dip (chocolate, condensed milk, or cajeta)!

Pastelería Ideal

multiple locations | pasteleriaideal.com

Mexican bakery Pastelería Ideal in Mexico City

We stumbled upon Pastelería Ideal while sightseeing and I am so glad we did! It is a huge bakery with every kind of bread, pastry, cookies, and baked goodies you can imagine!

Each item is huge too! We grabbed 4 that caught our eye and it only set us back $2.

Licorería Limantour

multiple locations | limantour.tv

Mezcal Stalk at Licorería Limantour in Mexico City

Limantour has been named one of the best bars in the world. They offer so many unique cocktails. Our favorite was the Mezcal Stalk with a worm salt rim. They also have a food menu so you can snack while you drink!

El Cardenal

multiple locations | restauranteelcardenal.com

chilaquiles breakfast at El Cardenal in Mexico City

El Cardenal is a traditional Mexican restaurant. We visited to try their famous breakfast and loved the steak chilaquiles. I also tried something a little different for me which is eggs and ant eggs!

El Pescadito

multiple locations | elpescadito.mx

fish tacos at El Pescadito in Mexico City

El Pescadito specializes in fish, shrimp, and chile relleno tacos and they have an unlimited topping and salsa bar! The portion sizes are very generous too! One taco is pretty much a full meal!

Taquería el Caifan

multiple locations | caifan.mx

tacos al pastor at Taqueria el Caifan in Mexico City

Taquería el Caifan was the first place we had tacos at and I immediately fell in love with the al pastor! It’s super flavorful, topped with a sweet pineapple, and they have a variety of salsas you can choose from.

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La Casa de Toño

multiple locations | lacasadetono.com.mx

pozole soup in Mexico City

La Casa de Toño is the perfect place when you’re craving all the Mexican classics for cheap. The pozole is an absolute must, followed by guacamole + chicharrones, and abuela’s flan for dessert!

Mog Bistro

Frontera 168 | Instagram

sushi at Mog Bistro in Mexico City

Mog Bistro is the place to go if you are craving Asian food while in Mexico City! Their menu is huge with everything from sushi to ramen to dim sum. Not the best in the world but definitely satisfies the cravings!



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