Backyard Movie Night


Had a backyard movie night with some friends who I haven’t seen in months! Due to social distancing guidelines we couldn’t meet up at the movie theater or restaurant like usual. So instead we got some rentals from Ruckify and spent quality time together in the comfort of our own backyard!

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backyard movie night

Due to coronavirus, Will and I haven’t seen our friends Mariel, Dennis, Ammie, and Todd since February. Although businesses have opened here in Austin, we haven’t felt comfortable enough to meet up with them at restaurants or movie theaters like we usually do. Instead of going out, we ordered some rentals from Ruckify and had such a fun night in!

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Ruckify is a peer to peer rental marketplace throughout North America, think of it like Airbnb but for items! There are tons of fun things on the website that you could rent out from a bike to a boat. Rentals could be short-term or long-term with daily to monthly rates. Each listing also includes information regarding how to pick up – delivery, specific location, or mutually agreed upon meet-up spot.

Ooni Pizza Oven

Mariel and her husband Dennis are such great hosts and volunteered their home for our little get together. We couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than a backyard movie night and pizza so we got a one day rental of the “Movie Night- Boredom Buster Bundle” and “Ooni Gas Powered Pizza Oven” for under $100!

Setting up all the equipment was pretty easy. The boys worked on the screen and projector while the girls handled the food. We each built our own pizzas, piling them high with toppings! The Ooni oven uses actual flames, is portable, and powered by a little propane tank. The pizzas didn’t turn out too shabby at all! For our side dish we had popcorn because no movie night is complete without those buttery kernels!

buttery popcorn machine

Once the setup and cooking was done, we settled down on our picnic blankets, and turned on Crazy Rich Asians. The picture and sound quality was excellent, food was tasty, and company even better. Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better night. It was so nice to be able to catch up with them in person!

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If you’re like me and wary about going out in public settings, browse through Ruckify to find unique items that are affordable and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own space! Also everyone gets $10 when they signup and an extra $25 if you use this link! For reference, $35 is enough to cover the cost of a daily rental of the “Ooni Gas Powered Pizza Oven”, kayak, or bike to name a few things! Whatever you’re doing this summer, remember to stay safe friends!

girls movie night

Find my friends Ammie @ammietheexploreer and Mariel @aaah_mariel_and_max on IG!



2 thoughts on “Backyard Movie Night”

  • Looks like you had so much fun! I love the idea of renting these items because otherwise they’d be so expensive and you don’t use them all the time!
    And yuuuum that pizza looks so good 😍

    • We had a great time and definitely didn’t go hungry! And you are so right, renting was the best move for us because like you said we don’t use projectors or pizza ovens regularly enough to justify buying it! Haha

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