How to Make Salmon Sushi Bake


How to make salmon sushi bake! Sushi bake is like a deconstructed sushi roll turned casserole. It’s warm, gooey, comforting, and super easy to make! There are many different ways you can make it, this version features baked salmon!

How to Make Salmon Sushi Bake

What is Sushi Bake?

Sushi bake is a fusion dish that takes inspiration from Japanese and Western cultures.

It is like a deconstructed sushi roll meets a warm and gooey midwestern casserole.

This salmon version is similar to the viral TikTok salmon rice bowl by Emily Mariko and is definitely a crowd pleaser!

Bring this to your next potluck or switch it up for family meals and everyone will love you! It is always a hit!


Where is Sushi Bake From?

The origin of sushi bake is somewhat of a mystery.

However, some credit Mimi Qiu Reyes, the founder of The Original Baked California Roll in the Philippines in 2015.

Meanwhile others say the idea of baking sushi in a casserole dish was popularized at Hawaiian potlucks years before.

Regardless, I think it is pretty cool that recipes can travel, evolve, and people from all around the world can connect through it.

salmon sushi bake

Sushi Bake Ingredients

There are many different versions of sushi bake and of course different people make it different ways.

There are no rules so just include whatever you like.

However, I would say the staple ingredients for sushi bake are some kind of seafood, rice, mayo, and cream cheese.

The recipe that I am sharing here is specifically for a salmon sushi bake. You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • White Rice: I recommend using short-grain, sushi rice. You can use just the plain rice or season with rice vinegar, salt, and sugar to make it even more like sushi rice.
how to make sushi rice
  • Salmon: Any kind of boneless and skinless salmon you like will work great for this recipe. My preference is for Atlantic salmon. I recommend at least ¼ pound per person if you are serving this as a main course.
  • Japanese Mayo: This makes the salmon so creamy. I recommend using the Kewpie mayonnaise brand. Because of its popularity, you can find it at most grocery stores now and not just at specialty Japanese or Asian markets.
  • Cream Cheese: Adds an additional layer of creaminess and makes sushi bake irresistible. I like to use Philadelphia cream cheese.
  • Sriracha: Optional, but highly recommended ingredient to add a garlicky spice.
  • Eel Sauce: This adds a sweet, savory, and umami flavor. It is really easy to make at home using this eel sauce recipe.
  • Furikake: Japanese rice seasoning that comes in many different flavors. It is generally made up of seaweed, sesame seeds, salt, and various seasonings.
  • Green Onions: A finishing touch that adds the perfect amount of mild onion flavor and freshness.
salmon sushi bake ingredients

On the side, I serve it with the following so everyone can make their own perfect bite!

  • eel sauce
  • spicy mayo
  • roasted seaweed
  • cucumbers
  • avocado


How to Make Salmon Sushi Bake

This recipe is super simple to make.

It only takes about 40 minutes and makes 4 servings if eaten as the main entree.

However, it is perfect for sharing at potlucks or parties as well!

Let’s walk through this salmon sushi bake recipe together step-by-step so you can recreate it perfectly at home!

Of course as always, there is a recipe card at the end on how to make salmon sushi bake that you can print out or pin to Pinterest.

Step 1: Cook the Salmon

Before we begin, pre-heat the oven to 425°F.

Season salmon lightly with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Then bake the salmon for 20 minutes or until it is cooked to your liking.

Lastly, remove the salmon from the oven and change the temperature to 450°F.

baked salmon for salmon sushi bake

Step 2: Create the Spicy Salmon Mixture

Once the salmon is cooked, we are going to make the spicy salmon mixture.

Make sure to remove the skin on the salmon if you baked with it on.

In a bowl, mix together the cooked salmon, mayo, cream cheese, and sriracha.

Note that the more you mix, the finer the pieces of salmon become.

However, this is up to personal preference. If you like bigger meatier chunks of salmon, mix less. If you like more shredded pieces of salmon, mix more.

spicy salmon mix for sushi bake

Step 3: Layer the Ingredients

In a 9×13 casserole dish, layer rice, furikake, and the spicy salmon mixture.

Then drizzle on sriracha, mayo, and eel sauce.

Top with more furikake.

Step 4: Bake & Broil

As soon as you finish layering the sushi bake, place it into an oven that is already preheated to to 450°F.

Bake for 10 minutes then broil for 3 minutes until the top is golden and toasty.

Baking and broiling helps all the ingredients to meld together beautifully.

how to make salmon sushi bake

Step 5: Add Toppings & Serve

Finally, finish off the salmon sushi bake with a sprinkle of sliced green onions.

Serve with roasted seaweed, cucumbers, avocado, spicy mayo, and the remaining eel sauce.


hand roll with cucumbers and roasted seaweed paper

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions I get about this salmon sushi bake recipe:

What seafood can I use?

Honestly whatever you like!

Obviously, it’s not a salmon sushi bake without salmon but you can make similar variations with different types of seafood.

Aside from salmon, I suggest imitation crab, shrimp, scallops, and canned tuna (Korean over American brand).

You can enjoy it raw as well, just be sure to specifically use sushi grade fish.

Where can I get eel sauce?

I typically make it at home using this eel sauce recipe. It is really easy and only requires 3 simple ingredients.

However, if you really don’t want to make it at home, you can typically find it at your local specialty Japanese or Asian grocery store.

You may find it on the shelves labeled as eel sauce, unagi sauce, or sushi sauce.

The one I most commonly see in stores is Kikkoman’s Unagi Sushi Sauce.

homemade eel sauce

Could this be eaten cold?

I prefer it warm because the mayo and cream cheese melds together and is just so comforting and gooey.

However, it is fine to eat cold as well. I would just make sure the rice is fresh and not cold and hard from the fridge.

I think a cold version would work best with imitation crab or raw fish.

Can you make it without mayo/cream cheese?

You can leave out mayo and add in extra cream cheese or vice versa to keep all the creaminess in.

I wouldn’t leave out both because I think the creaminess is what makes a sushi bake a sushi bake.


What is the difference between Japanese and American mayo?

The biggest difference between Japanese and American Mayo is that Japanese mayo tends to be slightly sweeter and less acidic.

Japanese mayo is made with a sweeter vinegar such as rice vinegar instead of distilled white vinegar in American mayo.

Another notable difference is that Japanese mayo is made with egg yolks whereas American mayo is made with whole eggs.

Using only egg yolks results in a creamier, richer savory taste.

Kewpie brand Japanese mayo 2-pack from Costco

What can I substitute for sriracha?

If you don’t like spicy foods, you can leave the sriracha out altogether.

Alternatively, you can switch it out for your favorite chili sauce or paste.

I suggest gochujang if you want a Korean flare, sambal which is an Indonesian chili sauce, or chili garlic sauce.

How to reheat salmon sushi bake?

If you have any leftovers, store it in a sealed container in the fridge.

To reheat, you can use the microwave, oven, or air fryer.

Avoid reheating multiple times as that can dry out the rice. Only reheat the amount you want to eat.

It usually is good as leftovers for 3-4 days.

salmon sushi bake casserole

How to Eat a Sushi Bake

My favorite way to eat sushi bake is to make little sushi-like hand rolls with it.

Take roasted seaweed paper, place the sushi bake on top, and finish it off with cucumber and avocado. Then fold it like a taco and enjoy!

Another fun way to eat it is to use cucumber slices like a chip and scoop the sushi bake on to it.

If you like it saucy, drizzle extra eel sauce, spicy mayo, and sriracha on top.

You can also take a piece of roasted seaweed, place it on top of the sushi bake and scoop up a chunk with your chopsticks.

Of course it’s delicious no matter how you eat it!

how to eat salmon sushi bake

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Save this Salmon Sushi Bake Recipe!

This is one of my most popular recipes and a must try! It is undeniably a crowd favorite.

Seriously, if you haven’t tried this salmon sushi bake yet, you are truly missing out.

I hope you recreate this recipe at home, and share the goodness with all of your family and friends.

Please leave a rating and comment below because I would love to know what you think!

If you like this salmon sushi bake recipe, be sure to check out my other sushi bake recipes.

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Spicy Salmon Sushi Bake

Salmon sushi bake is like a deconstructed sushi roll turned casserole. It's warm, gooey, comforting, and super easy to make!
4.93 from 13 votes
Prep Time 7 minutes
Cook Time 33 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes


  • 4 cups white rice, cooked (short-grain sushi rice)
  • 1 lb salmon
  • ½ cup cream cheese
  • ½ cup Japanese mayo (+ drizzle)
  • 2 tbsp sriracha (+ drizzle)
  • ½ cup eel sauce (for dizzling & serving)
  • ¼ cup furikake
  • 2 green onions, sliced

Sushi Rice Seasoning (optional)

  • 2 tsp rice vinegar
  • ¼ tsp sugar
  • ¼ tsp salt

Serve with:

  • roasted seaweed
  • cucumbers, sliced
  • avocado, sliced
  • spicy mayo
  • eel sauce


Baked Salmon

  • Pre-heat oven to 425°F.
  • Season salmon lightly with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
  • Bake salmon for 20 minutes.

Sushi Bake

  • Pre-heat oven to 450°F.
  • In a bowl, mix together salmon, mayo, cream cheese, and sriracha.
  • In a 9×13 casserole dish, layer rice, furikake, and the salmon mixture. Then drizzle on sriracha, mayo, and eel sauce (save some of the eel sauce to serve on the side). Top with more furikake.
  • Bake for 10 minutes then broil for 3 mintues until top is toasty.
  • Sprinkle green onions and serve with roasted seaweed, cucumbers, avocado, spicy mayo, remaining eel sauce, and enjoy!

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  • I am making this tonight for dinner and I have a question for the eel sauce. It calls for a half cup and I’m noticing in the directions it says drizzle eel sauce over the top. Are you drizzling the entire half cup?

    • Hi Meghan! No I do not drizzle the entire half cup. I just do a quick drizzle and then serve the remaining sauce on the side. I hope you enjoy!

      • Sorry just want to clarify 🙂 so the 1/2 cup it calls for in the ingredients is just for on the side I don’t mix it in anywhere? Thanks

          • Perfect thank you so much! I’m excited to try it. We absolutely love sushi, my husband and I, but I don’t have the courage to make it at home. This is my first attempt at something sushi-esk. 😁

  • 5 stars
    I have done this recipe for my family (6) and they liked it but now they want me to make it for a family gathering (25) and honestly I have no idea how to change the recipe for everyone to get a chance of trying it, could help me ?

    • I would maybe 4x or 5x the measurements and use a few bigger casserole trays like those big aluminum party trays. You don’t want the rice layers to be too thick so you may need multiple trays and cook in multiple batches if your oven isn’t big enough. Hope that helps!

  • I haven’t tried this yet but just purchased most ingredients. Question: does it have to be sushi grade salmon if it’s being baked? Or is any salmon going to be fine?

    • I have done it with canned tuna and it is yummy! If you do tuna, I recommend the Korean brand. I’ve had some people comment that they’ve done it with canned salmon and it turned out good too. I have not personally tried canned salmon though.

    • 5 stars
      I have tried it with canned salmon and it’s good but be careful what salmon you buy. The one I bought the first time was full of bones. The only one that seems good is the Bumble Bee Brand (Skinless, boneless Pink Salmon).
      I prefer fresh salmon but the canned one definitely does well in a pinch

      • I haven’t tried Bumble Bee’s canned salmon yet but I love their tuna! Canned fish is definitely a pantry staple for me as well for quick meals.

  • 5 stars
    I’ve made this recipe several times now and my husband loves it! (So much that he volunteered to get groceries for this recipe tonight – that’s a first!!). I haven’t used eel sauce or sriracha and we still love this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • This makes me so happy to hear! My husband hates going grocery shopping too so I get how huge of a compliment that is! Thanks for giving this recipe a try!

  • What kind of salmon is best to use? I have sockeye salmon in my freezer but wondering if a different kind would be better?

  • 5 stars
    Such a delicious recipe! This honestly made SO much, I’d recommend eating this with 3-4 people for sure or halving the recipe. I’ve frozen half of what I’ve made.

    • Thanks so much! This recipe is great for sharing for sure or if you want leftovers. I also have recipe for a single serving size if you want to make just enough for one –

  • 5 stars
    Didn’t have eel sauce so I substituted oyster sauce and it was still great. Broiling those last three minutes was genius; my roommate was so shocked when I took it out of the oven, asking how I got it so crispy. Thank you!

  • 5 stars
    I used your recipe this evening. My family and guests loved this dish. I applied less sriracha sauce since I wasn’t sure if my family and guest could handle too spicy., They loved it. I had sriracha sauce on the side if they wanted more. Mahalo for the amazing dish,. That was fun. I would post a pic but it appears that option is not available.

    • Thank you so much for trying the recipe! I’m so glad it was a hit with your family and guests! If you would like, you can share pictures on Instagram ( or Facebook (, I’d love to see!

    • Yes this recipe will still be great without cream cheese. I recommend adding in a little extra Japanese mayo to add more creaminess if you leave out the cream cheese.

  • Hello! Can I prep this a few hours before baking or does it have to go right into the oven?

    • Hi Jackie! I suggest prepping the rice and the salmon mixture but store them separately until you’re ready to bake. Then heat up the rice to make sure it is nice and fluffy then layer everything into your baking dish.

  • 5 stars
    I made this yesterday and it was amazing. Everybody loved it. I also
    Made the eel sauce which was perfect. Can’t believe how easy that was.

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