The Top 9 Things I Ate in 2020


The Top 9 Things I Ate in 2020! It’s that time of year when everyone shares their top 9 most-liked Instagram photos of the year. I changed things up last year and shared the top 9 things I ate instead.

I had to bring this back and reminisce on all the positives and delicious eats that came from this strange year. Since the majority of it was spent in a pandemic, I didn’t do much traveling so my list is full of restaurants from my home city of Austin, TX and I’m not mad about it!

Kaisen Don

Austin, Texas |

kaisen don sushi bowl from Haru in Austin, TX

Haru is probably my favorite restaurant in Austin! I tried their Kaisen Don for the first time at the beginning of COVID when all the restaurants were closing for dine-in. We were looking for something special to celebrate our anniversary at home.

This bowl of fresh seafood over rice was so perfect. It’s beautifully plated (even in a to-go container), enough for 2 to share, was super fresh, and only $40 which is steal for the amount of food you get!

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BGO Tonkotsu Ramen

Austin, Texas |

BGO Ramen from Ramen512 in Austin, TX

Ramen512 has been in Austin for a little while doing pop-ups but in 2020 they set up a permanent location within Kitchen United Mix!

The Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Ramen is one of my favorites to get, but you honestly can’t go wrong with whatever you order! I love the thick slices of chashu and the rich broth. Definitely in my top 3 places for ramen in town!

Jamaican Oxtail

Austin, Texas |

Jamaican Oxtail from Tony's Jamaican Food in Austin, TX

I don’t know why it took me so long to try this place but I am so glad I did! The oxtail here can’t be beat! It is like meat butter. Literally falls of the bone and melts in your mouth. All of their meals comes with rice and peas, sweet plantains, and cabbage.

They’re also super hospitable, music was playing, and offered us free rum punch while we waited! If you’ve never tried Jamaican food, you need to give Tony’s a visit ASAP!


Austin, Texas |

Pozole pork and hominy soup from El Tacorrido in Austin, TX

My favorite thing to get at El Tacorrido! Pozole is a Mexican stew made with slow cooked pork, hominy, and green chiles. It’s spicy and super comforting.

They serve with tortillas but the Asian in me loves eating it with rice! The drive-thru is also super convenient and I love that I can get some pretty amazing and authentic food from it!

Rare Steak Pho

Austin, Texas |

Rare Steak Pho Tai from Pho Phong Luu in Austin, TX

I discovered one of my new (to me) favorite places to get pho! Pho Phong Luu is a no frills, mom and pop type place. The broth is light yet fragrant but not too overpowering. It comes out super hot which is perfect if you like rare steak pho!

Dip the thinly sliced raw meat into the soup, it cooks within seconds, and the meat is nice and tender. They also have New Nuong Cuon (a type of spring roll), it’s pretty hard to come by in Austin so definitely worth a try too!

Brisket Taco

Austin, Texas |

Brisket taco from Valentinas in Austin, TX

Valentinas does Tex-Mex right! They combine Texas barbecue with Mexican flavors. You can order meat by the pound and they give you the option of tortillas or bread.

Always pick tortillas here! They are handmade and some of the best I’ve ever had! Then you can build your own barbecue tacos or order one off the menu.

Salt & Pepper Shrimp

Austin, Texas |

Salt and Pepper Shrimp from Jade Restaurant in Austin, TX

This was the year we became addicted to Jade’s Salt & Pepper Shrimp. The batter is perfectly crisp without being crunchy and hard. The shrimp is fresh and plump.

It’s garlicky with jalapeños and whatever other seasonings they use is magic! I typically like to order a variety of dishes but this one time I ordered 3 orders of this. If that doesn’t prove how obsessed I am, I don’t know what will.

Honolulu Chicken

Austin, Texas |

Honolulu Chicken lunch plate from Hawaiian Bros in Austin, TX

One of my favorite new spots to pop up in the Austin this year! Hawaiian Bros specializes in Hawaiian lunch plates. It’s similar to teriyaki chicken and they’ve perfected the recipe.

The Honolulu Chicken is garlicky, sweet, and savory. A plate comes with rice and mac salad but I always love adding pineapple to it! Nothing fancy, just a straight up good meal.

2 Egg Breakfast

Austin, Texas |

2 eggs, 2 breakfast sausage, double hash browns from Dan's Hamburgers in Austin, TX

I have loved Dan’s breakfast for years but found a renewed appreciation for it in 2020. With spending so much time at home this year, I was always craving a simple, cheap, fast, comforting, and easy to eat meal. Dan’s meets all the criteria.

Their hash browns are perfection and perfectly crispy. I don’t care what anyone says, this will always be my favorite breakfast in Austin. Two eggs, double hash browns, and two breakfast sausages for just $6 – can’t be beat!


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