The Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021


Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021!

It’s that time of year when everyone shares their top 9 most liked Instagram photos but I want to twist things up and share the top 9 things I ate instead! Continuing this tradition for the 3rd year in a row of highlighting my favorite bites and foodie recap of the past year and hoping for many more good eats in the year to come!

Iraqi Kabab

Austin, TX |

Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021 Usta Kababgy

One of the most underrated restaurants in Austin! Usta Kababgy is a hidden gem that specializes in halal barbecue over charcoal. My favorite thing to order there is the Iraqi Kabab which is a combo of beef and lamb. It also comes with fresh, warm, and fluffy pita bread.

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Cinnamon Rolls

Austin, TX |

Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021 Teal House

I fell in love with these the first time I tried them a couple years ago and they still get my vote as the best cinnamon rolls! They’re warm, fluffy, and topped with cream cheese icing that’s not too sweet. 

Uni Pasta

Austin, TX |

Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021 Soto

The Uni Pasta from Soto is the definition of decadence. It’s a super creamy dish made with sea urchin, poached egg, shaved truffle, and truffle salt. A must try!

Yenta Latke Burger

Austin, TX |

Yenta Jewboy Burgers in Austin, TX

Another best in my book, Jewboy Burgers! You can’t go wrong with any of the burgers here but the Yenta is my favorite. It’s a juicy cheese burger with a crispy potato latke in between a potato bun.

Street Tacos

Mexico City, Mexico | Los Cocuyos IG

Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021 Los Cocuyos

One of my most memorable bites in CDMX! Los Cocuyos has a bubbling cauldron of meats that are chopped to order and less than $1 per taco!

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Leander, TX |

Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021 Whipped

Fatcarons are a popular overstuffed South Korean variation of the traditional French macaron! The filling is like a whipped cream buttery texture that just melts in your mouth. They come in 15+ flavors!


Miami, FL |

Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021 Cvi.che 105

I loved the ceviche here so much, I ate here twice during my trip to Miami! They serve Peruvian style ceviche and have different flavors to choose from. You can even order a flight of ceviches to try!


Austin, TX |

Seafood Yiouvetsi at Simi Estiatorio in Austin, TX

Simi Estiatorio’s version of traditional Greek comfort food, yiouvetsi, is made with orzo, white wine tomato sauce, lobster, shrimp, scallops, calamari, and feta. Light and flavorful with a bit of spice.

Banana Pudding

New York, NY |

Top 9 Things I Ate in 2021 Magnolia Bakery

My first time trying the famous banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery and it definitely lived up to the hype for me! It’s super rich, creamy, and the banana flavor isn’t overwhelming.



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