Top 9 Things I Ate In 2019


Wrapping up the year

You know how at the end of every year, pretty much everyone on Instagram shares their top 9 most liked photo of the year? Well, I wanted to change things up a bit and share the top 9 things I ate in 2019!


Cebu, Philippines |

crispy skin on filipino lechon

This was my first time having a whole roast pig (lechon)! It honestly makes my list for the top things I’ve ever eaten in my life. The skin is super crispy, it’s like eating a pork chip. Underneath the crispy exterior is the tender and flavorful meat. Pro tip: go for the ribs because the lechon is stuffed with spices and seasonings so the ribs are the closest thing to all that flavor!


Maui, Hawaii |

ahi tuna poké bowl from Eskimo Candy

This bowl from Eskimo Candy was the best ahi tuna poké I had in Maui. They have four types: shoyu, wasabi, furikake, and spicy tuna.

You can buy it by the pound or get a bowl with all four types served over white rice with wasabi aioli. We don’t have tuna like this in Texas, it was like literal seafood candy!


Las Vegas, Nevada |

adobada tacos from Tacos El Gordo

Adobada tacos are similar to al pastor tacos and Tacos El Gordo does it so well! As soon as you walk in you see the giant trompo spinning and stacked with beautiful red pork.

The edges are crispy and packed with flavor. It’s one of the cheapest and most satisfying meals you can get on the Strip.


Austin, Texas |

Mala spicy soup dumplings from Fat Dragon

Normal soup dumplings are amazing to begin with. However, Fat Dragon put a little twist on and filled it with mala, spicy pork broth.

It is tongue-numbing, delicious, and so addicting! They have different soy sauce mixes you can dip it in too.


Vung Tau, Vietnam |

banh khot or crispy savory mini Vietnamese pancakes

One of the best Vietnamese street foods! Banh khot is like a crispy savory mini pancake. It is made of rice flour, coconut milk, and topped with shrimp and green onions. It is also served with fish sauce, fresh herbs, and papaya salad.


Austin, Texas |

fried chicken biscuit from Bird Bird Biscuit

I have never heard a negative thing about Bird Bird Biscuit. They have definitely perfected the chicken biscuit. The chicken is moist and biscuit buttery. Pictured is the Theodore but the Queen Beak is a crowd favorite!


Austin, Texas |

meat lovers pizza from Pieous

Neapolitan style pizzas are my favorite because the crust is so light and fluffy. The Fat Queen is Pieous’ meat lovers pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, house smoked Italian sausage, & soppressata. It’s so good!


Tokyo, Japan |

tonkotsu ramen from Ichiran in Tokyo

Ichiran has many locations across the globe. When you enter you are greeted by a vending machine where you order and pay for your meal.

The dining area is made up of individual cubes where you can just focus on you and your ramen, no distractions. With the delicious pork broth, you’ll want to savor every minute!


Las Vegas, Nevada |

beef wellington from Hell's Kitchen

I love watching Gordon Ramsey on TV so it has always been on my bucket list to eat at one of his restaurants. I came in thinking Hell’s Kitchen was going to be gimmicky but I was so wrong!

I loved every bite, especially the famous Beef Wellington! It was so tender and delicious. Go during lunch for cheaper prices!



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