Top 9 Things I Ate in 2022


Top 9 things I ate in 2022! Continuing my 4th annual tradition of sharing my top 9 favorite bites of the year. Super grateful for the all opportunities to travel and try some amazing food! These are just a few of my highlights. Also leave a comment and let me know what was the best thing you ate this year!

Japanese Hot Pot

Houston, TX |

gourmet shabu shabu Japanese hot pot with wagyu beef at Shabu Squared in Houston, Texas is one of the Top 9 Things I Ate

Shabu Squared is a gourmet shabu-shabu (Japanese hot pot) restaurant in Houston. They have high quality meats like a5 wagyu and then 7 different broths to choose from. My favorite broth is the tonkotsu. The truffle ponzu, sukiyaki egg for dipping, and fish balls with roe are also musts for me. They also have these crazy spicy hot drops that you can add to spice things up. It’s a great spot for an elevated hot pot experience!

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Nori Taco

Las Vegas, NV |

Nori Taco with toro, uni, and caviar from michelin starred Wakuda in Las Vegas, Nevada inside the Venetian Hotel

This was the single most decadent bite of the year. It is a crispy nori “taco shell” that then has toro, uni, and also caviar on top. Find this at Wakuda in Las Vegas, restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Tetsuya Wakuda.

Pan-Fried Sheng Jian Bao

Cypress, TX |

pan-fried sheng jian bao from Duck n Bao in Houston, Texas and Cypress, Texas

This was my first time trying sheng jian baos and I subsequently fell in love. It is fluffy like a baozi but juicy on the inside like a soup dumpling. The bottoms are also pan-fried and crispy! This one from Duck n Bao had a beef filling.

Eel + Bone Marrow Nigiri

Cedar Creek, TX |

Top 9 Things I Ate in 2022 is Sushi by Scratch is from michelin-starred team of Sushi Bar Montecito, it is a 17-course 10-seat omakase with eel and blow torched rendered bone marrow nigiri

Sushi by Scratch Montecito earned a Michelin star and then also expanded into 5 cities across the US. The intimate 10-seat, 17-course omakase is an experience to remember with the eel and bone marrow nigiri being a unanimous favorite.

Boba Milk Tea Soufflé Pancakes

Austin, TX |

Fluffy and jiggly soufflé pancakes with ice cream and boba milk tea topping from Sweet Memes in Austin, Texas and Houston, Texas

I am convinced soufflé pancakes are the best kind of pancakes. This dessert shop from Houston opened its second location in Austin. Their soufflé pancakes are fluffy, jiggly, and it also has fun toppings like boba!

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Handmade Beef Noodle Soup

Austin, TX |

hand pulled noodles for Chinese beef noodle soup at Julie's Noodles in Austin, Texas

Nothing beats handmade noodles, the texture is dreamy! Julie’s Noodles is a mom and pop Chinese restaurant that specializes in handmade beef noodle soup and soup dumplings. My favorites are #1, 15, 22a, and 27!

Sinigang Wings

Austin, TX |

Top 9 Things I Ate - Sinigang chicken wings with tamarind spice mix and garlic ranch from Fil N' Viet filipino vietnamese fusion food truck in Austin, Texas is one of the Top 9 Things I Ate

Fil N’ Viet is a Filipino Vietnamese fusion food truck serving up some of the best chicken wings I have tried and truly unique! The chicken is super crispy yet juicy and then they toss it in an addictive tamarind spice mix. The wings come with an equally addictive garlic ranch!

Smoky Garlic Hummus

Austin, TX |

smoky garlic hummus with ceci, aleppo and urfa peppers, preserved lemon from Aba Restaurant in Austin, Texas on South Congress

The best item at Aba is the smoky garlic hummus. It’s garnished with chickpeas, aleppo and urfa peppers, and preserved lemon. Creamy and full of flavor! They also have one of the best patios, the vibes are always 10/10.

Blackened Mahi + Curry

Turks & Caicos |

Coco Bistro in Turks and Caicos Blackened Maki with Thai red curry, fried sweet plantains, mango chutney, broccoli, crispy sweet potato straws, and rice.

Coco Bistro is the hardest reservation to get in Turks and Caicos but the Blackened Mahi is worth it. It’s served with a Thai red curry, fried sweet plantains, mango chutney, broccoli, crispy sweet potato straws, and also rice. An amazing combo of flavors and textures! 



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