What You Need to Know About Visiting Mexico City


What you need to know about visiting Mexico City!

CDMX has been on my bucket list and my husband and I chose to cross it off for our honeymoon trip! The city is huge which can be kind of overwhelming so I wanted to share some of my responses to frequently asked questions about our trip to Mexico City!

Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City

Where to Stay in Mexico City, MX

Hilton Mexico City Reforma

This was our first time in Mexico City and we chose to stay in the Reforma area because it is centrally located. Our hotel was on the edge of Centro Histórico and within walking distance to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Palacio Nacional, Templo Mayor, Plaza de la Constitución, etc. Super walkable area with tons of food, shopping, and sightseeing. We also considered staying in the Roma Norte/La Condesa neighborhood which has a cute, hip, local vibe. Most of the accommodations available in that area are Airbnb’s. Ultimately we decided on Hilton Mexico City Reforma because the hotel made it easy to get COVID testing for our return flight and it’s walkability.

How to Get Around in Mexico City, MX

Mexico City is a huge city and we felt like the best way to get around was via Uber! Ubers there are pretty affordable and readily available. We were generally able to get everywhere we wanted to go in the city for about $3-4. We also felt that it was a more COVID safe option vs. traveling via a crowded metro. Plan your itinerary by neighborhood and rush hour times to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Also pack your walking shoes! Mexico City is extremely walkable and sometimes it’s easier just to walk.

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Safety in Mexico City, MX

I have been frequently asked before and after my trip if I felt that Mexico City was safe and honestly there was never a moment when I felt unsafe. I would recommend taking the standard safety precautions that you would when visiting any city – don’t travel alone late at night, keep your valuables close to you (phone in front pocket, crossbody purse, inside backpack pocket, etc.), be mindful of surroundings, and treat people with respect.

Language in Mexico City, MX

Mexico City is not a super touristy city yet which is one of the reasons that makes it so great. With that being said you will need to know a little bit of Spanish to get around or at least have a translator app handy, my favorite is SpanishDict. The majority of people we encountered did not speak English. I would recommend at least knowing numbers, how to ask for the bill, and bathroom.

Weather in Mexico City, MX

We visited in October and the weather was perfect for me. Average of low 70’s during the day and 60’s at night. It was perfect for walking around without breaking too much of a sweat and a light sweater will do for the chilly evenings. Mexico City also sits at about 7,000 square feet above sea level so if you are prone to altitude sickness, prepare accordingly!

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Money in Mexico City, MX

The exchange rate is around 20 pesos for 1 USD. It is a friendly city no matter what your budget is in my opinion. There are fun things to do that are free/cheap (less than $5), foods to eat that are $0.50 to $150, and places you can really splurge at if you wanted to.

COVID Precautions in Mexico City, MX

As of when I visited in October 2021, Mexico City was very COVID safe. Businesses required face masks, there were sanitation mats for your shoes, and temperature checks. Some places require masks to be worn outdoors while on their property and don’t allow you to remove for photos. There were also people handing out hand sanitizer on busy streets. The majority of people walking on the streets were wearing masks as well. None of the places we visited required proof of vaccination. At this time the US also required a negative COVID PCR or antigen test 72 hours before your return flight. COVID policies change frequently so be sure to check before booking a trip.

If you have any questions about my trip to Mexico City, feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email!



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